Aspire Christ

For a long time, I’ve had goals, standards, aspirations. I wanted to be the ideal Christian person who spends hours in the Word and in prayer and is just the perfect picture of Godliness and holiness. And I was unbelievably frustrated when all I could see was my failures and my mistakes. It irritated me that I couldn’t match up to my friends, who were what I pictured to be model Christians. I wanted to be like them in so many ways, and I admire their character qualities.

But my motives and standards were wrong. I wanted people to see me as I saw my friends, instead of me striving to walk in His footsteps. My standard wasn’t Christ. He is to be our ultimate example, standard, goal. There’s nothing wrong with admiring traits in others or respecting who they are. Just don’t forget our first love, Christ. Set Him and His example as your goal. Aspire Christ.


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