Those of you who know me know that I hate change. HATE it.

Recently, I stopped taking lessons from my favorite piano teacher for good. Yes, sometimes I can be dramatic, but this really was hard for me. This teacher was the teacher that I had respected the most, learned from the most, and loved the most, and after a year and a half of my dedication, I had to stop.

Yet, it’s for the best.

With my new teacher, I’ll have more opportunities, the drive will be cut in half, and I’ll advance more than I had before.

Still, it’s change.

It’s hard for me to accept change, big or small. When I was little, I’d cry over every old, broken, or dirty thing that had to be thrown away. I cried the day we threw out our old, broken washing machine. I cried the day we got rid of our old, dirty, torn furniture. I cried over every little thing we got rid of. Fortunately, I outgrew that and realized that I just had to let some things go. In the same way, sometimes we have learned all that we can from one class in life and need to graduate to the next level.

I lived near Austin for over half of my 14 years. When we moved here to Houston, I was devastated. My dad, who had worked at home all of my life, was getting a job outside of the house. I had to leave all my friends, forcing me to realize that I only had one true friend (who was loyal to me through it all, for which I am so grateful). I had to get used to a new place, new people, new activities. Everything I had known had suddenly changed so drastically. This was SO hard for me. Yet, it was for the best.

When we moved, we left the church where my dad had been a pastor. That, too, was extremely hard for me. We immediately started looking for a new church home in the area. For two years we visited church after church after church, new church plants, home churches, mega churches…to the point where I was sick of it. I was tired and discouraged from looking and looking and not finding anything. So, I started to have a bad attitude about church. But then we stumbled upon the church we are attending now. It was completely different from the contemporary churches we were so used to and thought that we wanted, but we liked it and kept coming back. Eventually, we made it our new church home, and it inspired me to seek after Christ in a way that I never had at our old church.

It took me a long time to see how leaving the church my dad had pastored was for the better. But my life and my relationship with the Lord now are evidence that, once again, it was for the best. It took me two years to see this.

Sometimes, it takes us a while to see the outcome of change. Sometimes, we may never understand. It’s hard to accept change. But with Christ in control, it will always be for the best.

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