When God Is Silent

Hey y’all, sorry my posts lately have been pretty impersonal, I’m trying to work on that. (I’m not an  experienced blogger, so I’m still figuring things out.) Thanks for reading despite my quirks. We’ll see how it  goes…

Lately I haven’t been feeling in a very “theological mood”, you might call it. *Gasp* Yes, I know, I’m not  supposed to say those things, but it’s true. Sometimes, I don’t really have a lot to say here on this blog.  Sometimes, I don’t learn my lessons the first time – just ask my parents; they know exactly what I’m talking  about. Sometimes, my spirit isn’t teachable (At. All.). And other times, it seems like God isn’t speaking to me.  There are times when it feels like He is silent.

One of my favorite speakers who comes to speak at our church periodically said this recently: God is silent  on purpose, because He wants to see your heart. I have to remind myself of this sometimes, because there  are days when I don’t feel like He’s speaking to me at all. But then I’m forced to ask myself, have I been  speaking to Him?

To have a relationship with someone, it goes both ways, right? You can’t be close to someone when all you  do is focus on yourself. (i.e. talk about yourself, do things for yourself, etc.) It takes investing in the other  person to really know them.

I’ve already gone over prayer and investing in others in previous posts. So we’re spending more time in  prayer and reaching out to those around us, that’s great. We should absolutely do those things. But we  can’t let those things become more important than listening. If we don’t listen to the voice of God, how are  we supposed to truly learn anything? I can read the Bible every day, but unless I listen to what He has to  say through His Word, it’s pointless. I am working on breaking this habit that I’ve developed in my own Bible  reading. We can’t just go through the motions so we can check off another box on our busy schedule, as  most of my Bible reading has been through the few years I’ve actually put any effort into it. We have to  listen, or it doesn’t benefit us in any way.

It’s just like in a relationship with a friend: you talk and listen. It goes both ways. But do we really listen as  much as we should? I don’t think we do.

To listen to someone, we actually have to spend time with them. I know I’ve already talked about this, but I  can’t stress it enough. We have to spend more time with the Lord. Nothing else should be more important  than growing in Him. How can we do anything else “for Him”, such as witnessing, serving, etc., if we’re not  actively seeking Him and spending time in His Word?

But anyway, back to God being silent. What do we do when He is silent? Obviously we can’t be listening to  Him if He’s not saying anything! I believe it’s a test of our faith. Are we only faithful to Christ when He’s  constantly teaching us through His Word? Do we still continue to love and serve Him even when it feels like  He’s not there?

That brings me to another point I want to make – feelings. We so rely on our feelings in our relationship.  Think about it; that’s what most of our relationships are founded on. Feelings! We limit God to our human  standards for relationships. We try to water Him down to make Him fit the kind of relationships we have with  others around us. We let feelings drive our relationship with Him. But He doesn’t work that way. He wants  us to love Him, just as He first loved us. He first loved us when we were dirty, rotten sinners! He didn’t love  us because we loved Him first.

Isn’t that how it works in our relationships today? We’re not going to be friends with someone else if they  don’t put forth any effort. Why would we? We don’t benefit from it in any way. But that’s not how God  demonstrated love to us. He shows us that it doesn’t require someone loving us back to still love us. We  can’t rely on feelings of love toward God to power our relationship with Him. So when we feel like He’s not  really there, we can’t base the truth on our feelings, if He’s really there or not. He never changes; but we do.  We can’t limit Him to our human standards.

When God is silent, it is hard. It’s hard to feel like He’s a thousand miles away, and we can’t reach Him.  But just because we “feel” like He’s not there doesn’t mean that it’s true. Just because He’s silent doesn’t  mean that He’s not there at all. He wants to see your heart; He wants to see if you’ll love Him no matter  what.

So what will we do? We have a choice to either ace this test of flunk it. What choice will I make? What  choice will you make?


11 Replies to “When God Is Silent”

  1. Great article!! This really resonates with me! We need to learn to trust in God even when we can’t feel His presence. I love where you said we shouldn’t limit God love to our feelings! He is so much greater than just what we can feel or understand!


    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment, Sam! It’s hard to trust in God even when it feels like He’s not there, but I believe it’s something that we have to get past so we can truly have a strong faith. 🙂


      1. Yup! I saw a quote somewhere that said trusting in God means trusting in His timing. When we surrender completely to Him, it means we acknowledge that He is God even when we can’t feel it! (Sorry I commented the same thing twice. I only noticed it now :))

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  2. Great post! (I struggle with being impersonal on my blog too :)) I love what you said about how we shouldn’t limit God’s love to just what we can feel. He is soooo much greater than anything we could ever experience on this earth!


  3. Good post! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one to whom God is at times silent. I appreciate your honesty in admitting something that most Christians will not. Thanks for the encouragement!


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