Reflection – Pt. 2

I was really pleasantly surprised with your responses to my last post, thanks for indulging me! So what I’ve been thinking about is how much I actually live those things out. I talk about loving others, but how much do I actually do that myself? How often do I really practice self-control? How do I exhibit gentleness? And I hardly know the meaning of the word “patience”!

How frequently am I a hearer of the Word, but not a doer? How often do I fail to “practice what I preach”? My intention and hope of having you define each word was to try to share what’s been challenging me with you all. *Note: I didn’t say “y’all”. I am making a conscious effort to try not to ward you off with my Texan-isms. Back to seriousness.* I know thinking about what each definition implied, and how I showed and practiced those things in my life, really made me stop and evaluate how I am walking with Christ. I’ve got a long way to go! I hope that had some kind of effect on you all as well!

4 Replies to “Reflection – Pt. 2”

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