Ceiling fans, Un-Birthdays, Jeans, and the like

Wow. I had not planned to post today, but wow. I started writing down all of my blessings from today, and couldn’t stop there. I had to keep going over this weekend, and wow. God is SO good, so abundant in His blessings to us that we take it for granted, and don’t even stop to be thankful for it. (Did I mention WOW??) That being said, here are some of the blessings He has given me lately:

  • No cavities at today’s dentist appointment *Score!*
  • Peanut butter shakes with chocolate – on my diet!
  • MercyMe’s song “Free”
  • Emails from a friend
  • Comments on my blog
  • People praying for me and my family
  • Comfy jeans
  • Free, bouncy hair (I thought that ’cause I got it cut yesterday, and compared to the length it was before, it feels short and bouncy and free.)
  • Friends who remind me of my un-birthdays (From Alice in Wonderland. I’ve never seen it, but a friend told me about it and reminded me a few days ago that it was my un-birthday.)
  • A good performance at a piano recital
  • Ceiling fans and A/C (‘Cause it’s already a hot summer here.)
  • An awesomely fun night with two friends looking at another friend’s collection of Teenager Posts
  • Communion
  • Humming to an 80s song on bunk beds with a crazy “little” brother
  • Soft, green grass and clear blue skies
  • A big, open living room floor, perfect for twirling while holding a toddler on your hip (albeit clumsily)
  • Bacon and eggs while watching National Treasure 2 for the first time
  • Blogs that inspire, challenge, and encourage me
  • Getting to be a friend to two girls who normally have no one to talk to on Sundays

I want to stop taking these “little” things for granted. I want to appreciate them like never before, and see them as gifts from God. God is SO good!!


9 Replies to “Ceiling fans, Un-Birthdays, Jeans, and the like”

  1. lol! Yes, yes, Alice in Wonderland is something you simply must watch when you are young..you won’t understand it otherwise..if you ever do watch it-WATCH THE ONE BY DISNEY! (if you watch the one with real people, you will be officially FREAKED out)
    I simply MUST see a photo of your hair!! Sounds like your happy! ❤


    1. I am happy! I discovered writing down the blessings that I’ve just taken for granted takes my mind off of whatever has gotten me down. It’s a good way to remind me to be thankful!


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