Christ Is Our Healing

I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing from me. I promise, last post for a little while. I probably won’t be able to post on Monday, so you get off easy this time! Anyway…

I am finally learning one of those duh lessons. But when it’s something you’ve lived for so long, has been a seeming comfort, and has been something you’ve so heavily relied on, reality comes as a slap in the face. I am learning that Christ is our only refuge, the only person who loves us unconditionally and despite ourselves, the only friend who will never leave us, and the only source of true comfort, rest, and peace.

This is one of those obvious things, right? Haven’t we ALL heard this whole thing before? But if you’ve sought refuge, untarnished love, loyal friendship, and comfort from any mortal being before, then this final realization is both a hurt and a healing.

It hurts to finally realize that people aren’t perfect. People in your life will come and go. They will break their word, abandon you, lie to you, deceive you, let you down, disappoint you, and hurt you. They will pretend to be someone they’re not, just for you. They might be there for you for a time, giving you the comforting words you want to hear, being a friend to you for a season. (Please note, I’m not saying all people are like this at all! I’m speaking generically, for the sake of the unity of the post.) But people come and go, all the time. You can’t expect someone to stick around and be there for you for forever!

This is why Christ is our healing. When we are hurt by the world, we find He is our healing. He is perfect. He will never let us down, abandon us, deceive us, or hurt us. He is the only refuge, comfort, friend, and love that will never fade away. He doesn’t change. He is always there for you, no matter what. I know it seems like an elementary concept, but just think about it. He is almighty, unchanging, unfailing, unconditionally loving, and He is there for me. And He’s there for you.


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