This Thing Called “Life”

I am afraid. Of life. It haunts me with realities that I don’t want to face, questions to which I have no answers, and futures that are shrouded in mystery. It’s hard, this thing called life, and the realization that I’m stuck in it is scary and overwhelming. I have one shot, one chance to live it to the fullest and do what’s right. If I fail, there’s no going back, no reversing the clock, no changing my mistakes. I am forced to live it whether I want to or not.

But I have an advantage that so many don’t. I have a purpose, a reason for being here. I was created for a special task, a certain thing to be accomplished; I don’t have to wander around listlessly, wondering why I’m here. And I have the best Guide to help me through this crazy adventure. The best part is, my Guide knows every twist and turn of my path. He knows the course I will take, and has each step planned out. What’s more, my Guide is my guardian and protector, who watches over me and provides for each and every need. And, He is always with me, every step of the way; my constant comforter and companion.

Is that not exhilarating? My best friend is my protector and leader. Who can complain? Yes, life is hard – sometimes, the pain is unspeakable. But through this thing called life, we have a Guide, a protector, a provider and friend, who can, and will, see us through. Isn’t that incredible?

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