More Beautiful You

I know I haven’t posted a serious post in a while, but I’m here to assure you it’s coming. I’m working on some more serious stuff, but while it’s in the progress of coming along, here’s a video and song for those of you who struggle with the same things as me.


9 Replies to “More Beautiful You”

          1. I listened to “Scars” and “Waiting Room” and “But I Thank God for Her” and I think some others, too. I was especially encouraged by “Waiting Room” though. It just hit exactly the season that I am in right now and was super encouraging because of that. 😉 Yeah, definitely going to be listening to more of his stuff. 😉

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  1. This nearly made me cry. Oh, how true it is, of me, of you, Lauren, of my friend with anorexia, of every girl in the world. I hope and pray they will discover this to be true deep in their hearts.


  2. Thank u do much for this Lauren it was really convicting and also encouraging!!!!! I love u sis!!! Ad miss u on revive!!! 🙂

    God Bless,
    Madeleine Grace


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