I was sitting on my bed, listening to “Tears of the Saints” by Leeland Mooring, writing long-overdue letters to a few friends. As I did so, I suddenly stopped to ponder the lyrics I was hearing. I had been listening to it for half the day, so the words weren’t new to me. It had been really encouraging to listen to when I first heard it – the kind of encouraging where you’re going, “Yeah, I agree! This world needs to listen up.” But then, as I sat there, I was convicted. I looked out my window and saw all the houses in my neighborhood. I can only assume it was a God thing: I felt the question, “If you knew that all of these houses would be demolished in a matter of minutes, and all the inhabitants would die and go to hell, wouldn’t you hurry as fast as you could and tell them a way that they could be saved?”

Naturally, most of us would answer with, “Of course!” If this is really true, then why aren’t we? Sure, our neighbors’ houses might not be annihilated in the next twelve minutes, but there’s no guarantee that the inhabitants of that house will still be here on this earth in the next twelve minutes. Things happen that we can’t know, things that we never could see coming. Things happen to people we know and love in a matter of simple seconds. One moment they’re here – the next, they’re gone. And we don’t ever know when it will happen.

This, combined with the Great Commission, should spur us on to reach multitudes around us to find joy and salvation in Christ. It should be enough that Jesus asks us to go into the world and make disciples of the nations, starting with your next-door neighbor. Since this generation doesn’t find that to be enough, we only get moved when it happens to someone we love. Love for Jesus and our fellow man should be the things that compel us to share the good news with those around us.

Sharing the gospel with those who are lost is a biblical teaching that we ignore. We dislike the thought of having to reach out of our comfort zone, and our minds are expertly skilled at conjuring up excuses when it comes to things we don’t want to do. We have taken God’s command lightly. He did not ask us if, whenever we felt like it, whenever we had the time, or had nothing better to do, we could share His love with those who walk in darkness. He didn’t ask us if when we had nothing better to do, we could tell others of redemption and salvation found in Him. NO. He commands, not requests, us to go and make disciples, to go out and save people (not that we actually save people, but rather give them the truth they need to be saved). YOU have the answer to what this world is looking for – YOU HAVE THE TRUTH, AND YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE. It is your duty, your obligation, to share this truth and freedom with the world around you that is shrouded in dark lies. Please, don’t wait. I need to work on obeying God’s commission as well. I need to reach out to those around me, those in my neighborhood, those that I meet on the street. But I can’t afford to disobey God anymore – neither can the people that I come into contact with on a regular basis. “If you love me, you will obey my commands.” (Jn. 14:15)

While I’m on my bed writing my friend about her chickens, there are people who are dying. And I do nothing. How much more self-centered can we get??

I hope that this post isn’t just seen as another “go-get-‘em-lost-peoples” rant. I hope it ignites a fire. I hope it wakes people up, that we can join arms together and save lost souls that live right next door, that you meet on a daily basis. I hope that we can rise up to live as Christians should, and obey God and His commands out of our love for Him.

So before you go out and start saving the lost souls around you, watch this video. Then, go.

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