More Blessings

Tired of hearing about my blessings? I’m not. It helps me feel better when I start feeling sorry for myself, to see how God has been there even when I haven’t stopped to take the time and pay attention. Writing them down here is a way that I can share those blessings with others. So here are a few from the past couple weeks.

  • Having to write apologetics speeches. Looking up evidence and content for various, sometimes very difficult, questions is incredibly wonderful.
  • The knowledge that God has not left me even in the incredibly hard, stressful times.
  • Earning a good reputation in certain circles
  • The possible beginnings of friendship at speech club
  • A guy being nice to me at biology today after I’ve been an invisible fly on the wall for a few months
  • Glasses to see with!
  • A good piano competition and safe travel across states
  • A great piano teacher who pushes me hard to do my best, even when I have no motivation
  • A busy schedule. I normally would not chalk this up as a blessing but rather a curse; however, it keeps me occupied and keeps my mind focused on important things.

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