My Life

My life is a series of awkward moments. And mistakes. And failures.

But it’s like reading a book – you’re always wondering what’s going to happen next. Whether or not you look forward to it or not is beside the question; you live a story, and each season is a chapter.

Some chapters are happy, some sad, some action-filled, and some just leave you hanging. But each is crucial to the unity of the story.

You can’t just skip over the boring chapters, or the sad ones, or the non-exciting ones. Each is necessary; without them, the story is not complete.

Such is my life. While my idea of an exciting chapter is something far from what I’m doing now, I have to live my life as a story. I have the little things to anticipate each day, and I have to live one chapter at a time. No matter how dark, how depressing, or how sad and lonely, I have to keep reading. I have to keep going on.

But there is a hope for my book, for my specific chapter. There is a hope that comes in the form of a rainbow. After each storm, filled with darkness, rain, and cold, there is a rainbow. That rainbow is the promise of light, of love, of happiness. And I have to finish my stormy chapter before I can read the next one with the rainbow.

Usually in a story, the main character learns a lesson or two by the end of the book, is a new man because of it, and has made an impact on others for the better along the way.

I’d like to say that’s my ideal ending to my epic tale.

But I can’t flip over to the end of this book. I’m having to live this life out one chapter at a time. And God will give me the grace, courage, and strength to keep going.

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