The Potter

I know I promised another post on the passage in Philippians, and I’m working on it, but here’s a short little post I’ve been mulling over lately.

I have an evil twin – no joke. She always reminds me how different I am from others, of how I’ll never match up, of how ugly I am, etc. (Thus what makes her evil.) I see her everyday when I get ready in the mornings, looking at me in my mirror, as she glares at me skeptically and critically. I try to tune her out, but she has a loud, overpowering voice.

Needless to say, I listen to her. A lot. She tells me that my value and worth comes from a certain clothing size, a certain look, a certain way of living – and I buy it all. She’s brainwashed me into believing that my value does not come from who I really am, but by the primped mask I wear to cover it all up. And I’ve believed the whole thing.

She gave me several hard beatings these past couple of weeks, and I buckled under all of her lectures. I gave in, and accepted her words as truth. My evil twin made me weep as I realized I would never meet the expectations she laid out before me.

But as I was looking for a particular verse in my Bible recently, I came across one that caught my attention. Is. 45:9b, “Does the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you making?’ Does your work say, ‘The potter has no hands’?” This made me recall Romans 9:20, “But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? ‘Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it,  “Why did you make me like this?”’

And so I started thinking. This message was the complete opposite of what my evil twin was telling me – these verses rebuked me for my mentality. I am clay in the Potter’s hands; who am I to talk back to Him, and ask how He could make me like this? He is the grand Potter, fashioning me into whatever He pleases. I am small and insignificant; how dare I say that He made a mistake when He formed me?

These verses, however, show me that I was made with a purpose, made with a design. I was formed – I wasn’t just a lump of leftover clay. He didn’t make any mistakes with me; He created me EXACTLY as I was meant to be, without any slip-ups. He has made me the one Lauren S. out of the whole world. (Yes, even the glasses and big feet are a part of the whole package.) But I am to rejoice in who He made me, because I am made with a purpose. I was designed, and formed by the grand Potter.

The same goes for everyone else out there who compares themselves, regardless of what it is you compare yourself to. You’re special – you really are. God made you exactly as He wanted you to be, without any mistakes or flaws. He loves you for who He made you to be, and He wouldn’t want you any other way. Why should you want something different? Do not question the Potter.


2 Replies to “The Potter”

  1. I like it, Lauren! Great thoughts. And regardless of glasses or big feet, He made you beautiful in His Son. Regardless of my acne or lop sided smile, He made me beautiful in His Son. Thanks for the reminder!

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