Dearest Child of God,

I can see you hurting. You’re trying to shut the world out, trying to keep them from knowing the truth. You smile at them, telling them the truth that you yourself need to hear. You pull your act together to pretend that life is good, and the mask you wear hides the tears in your eyes. I know what you’re doing, because I’ve been there.

The world tells you that the darkness you feel is all in your head – it’s the way you perceive these trials. They tell you to get over it, to move on. But you can’t. It’s too deep, too real.

But you don’t let them know that. You keep living life in a lie, telling everyone that you’re fine, when you’re silently crying out for help. You live life as a masquerade, never letting anyone see who you really are.

I know what it’s like, because I’ve been there. And I know how badly it hurts. I know the pain of shutting everyone out, pretending that it’s all going to be okay. I know. And because I’ve been there, I know the things that you need to take to heart.

You can’t give up. You have to keep pressing on, keep fighting this.

Why? It hurts to fight! It’s hard to keep moving forward when your heart just wants to stop! Why would I tell you to not give up?

Because you are worth it. Dear, you are so worth it.

I know you don’t see yourself through the eyes of those around you. You don’t see the beauty that we see; you don’t see the warrior that anyone who bothers to look close enough can see in you. Your eyes are veiled by all the lies you’ve told yourself for so long. You look at your reflection and tell yourself all the things that the enemy wants you to believe.

But I can tell you that those things you tell yourself are not true. Because there is Someone far greater than the lies you believe, than the distorted way you see yourself.

He is the one who loves you. His love for you is like none you will ever, ever know here on this earth. It is so much deeper, so much greater, and it lasts forever. No matter how many lies you believe, no matter what you say or do, no matter how you may perceive or believe Him, He loves you so deeply.

He knows you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter to Him what the world says you have to look like – He finds you beautiful just as you are. Think about that for a moment: just as you are. Without trying to change you, without you being any different, without you having to behave a certain way or keep up a certain act. He wouldn’t want you to be any different than exactly how He’s made you.

On those nights when you’re crying alone, He’s holding you. In the moments when you want to just die, He’s not about to let you go. When you’ve failed yet again, He’s not holding it against you. He loves you for exactly who you are: the beautiful person that He’s made you to be.

Cling to that promise. Don’t give up – your Savior is at your side to dry your tears, tell you that you’re beautiful, and to lavish His love upon His dear child. Please, keep pressing on. Fight this fight. I know it’s hard. Believe me. But please don’t let go of the One who is holding you the tightest. You are worth it. Don’t give up.


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