Count Your Many Blessings…

I was looking over the blessings I’ve written down from the past 10 months, and thought I’d share a few.

  • God brings good out of bad situations
  • Letters
  • People opening up to me
  • Winning a wrestling match with my brother (I’ve grown weak since then…)
  • Kayaking
  • People who trust me enough to ask me questions
  • Dancing with my 2 year-old brother
  • Sunsets
  • Friends who care about doing the right thing
  • God gives peace when we’ve had to let go
  • Dreams coming true
  • Getting to laugh and cry with a friend
  • Healing
  • Andrew Peterson music
  • 2-hour long phone calls
  • God’s amazing grace!
  • Fresh spring air
  • Friends who love me in spite of my darkest secrets
  • The blood of Jesus Christ
  • Insane love
  • Beautiful moments that become precious memories

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