A Reminder For Our Evil Twins

What I’m going to say here is personal, but the truth in it I think is important enough to share with others I know who struggle with the same thing. It’s probably something that you’ve heard before, but I’m not going to try to introduce anything new here. I just want to give a reminder to anyone who might need it. And, as a girl, I write as such, but the basic truth here applies to everyone.

I look in the mirror, and looking back at me is a girl with long, straight hair, glasses, wide hips, and big feet. My waist isn’t the perfect thinness, my hair is stringy and has a cabillion split ends, and my overall frame is broadly-built. And I see other girls around me – perfect figures, perfect hair, perfect everything. For various reasons, it is impossible for me to ever meet the world’s standard of “beautiful”.

I’ve struggled for years with this; I’ve always resented accepting it as fact. I’ve never wanted to acknowledge that I can never look the way I wish I could. This battle has gotten me down multiple times.

What I’m gradually grasping in my heart is this – it doesn’t matter what the world says. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Who is the world to say what’s beautiful and what’s not? Who gave them that authority? Shouldn’t a Creator have ultimate authority over His creation? Shouldn’t the creation only care about their Creator’s standard of beauty, rather than the world’s?

It’s been said so often, it’s turned into a cliché (I hate it when that happens to truths): It doesn’t matter if you’re the most gorgeous person on the outside; it’s the heart that ultimately matters. I know, you’re rolling your eyes, but the validity remains. There are some people who are stunning in appearance, but have hearts that delight in evil and are far from beautiful in God’s eyes. And there are some who are more homely, less glamorous, whose hearts are overflowing with a passion and love for the Lord. (Of course, there are those girls who are drop-dead gorgeous and still have a heart for the Lord…)

Who I am on the outside does not place value on who I am inside. Just because I naturally have a broad build doesn’t mean that I’m worthless. Even though I don’t have the perfect waistline, I’m still treasured in God’s eyes, and my value in His eyes isn’t based off of my outward appearance.

It doesn’t matter what the world is telling us. What matters is what God says about us. And God says that He has fearfully and wonderfully made us (Ps. 139:14) and is conforming us to the image of His Son (Rom. 8:29).

God did not make a mistake when He made you. He didn’t make a mistake when He made me. I look in the mirror, and wrinkle my nose as my mind cries to the contrary, but the things that my evil twin tells me are not true. They’re all lies. I am made in the image of GOD! And so are you.

There is more to us than the numbers on the scale or the size of our clothes. I promise. God promises. There is so much more! Who we really are is found in Christ.

2 Replies to “A Reminder For Our Evil Twins”

  1. Even those girls who are “drop dead gorgeous” still struggle with wanting to look “better” and be the most “popular.”

    I know what you mean, I think every girl struggles with this. It’s hard. But it doesn’t really matter what we look like on the outside. Just on the inside.
    You are beautiful because God created you in His image. ❤

    Love ya, Lauren! ❤


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