A Prince to Love You

So there’s this thing that people don’t know about me: I’m a strange romantic at heart. I don’t find pleasure in the overly-gushy romance – I won’t read romance novels, and Shakespeare’s portrayal of love is dramatically disgusting. I mean that my girly side draws me to the old fashioned chivalry, the selfless love. (I always knew I was abnormal, anyway.)

I was thinking over some of my choices of entertainment…

…Raoul goes through endless amounts of pain to save Christine…

…Lionheart faces multiple perils and dies for the best friend he betrayed…

…Will travels around the world twice over to rescue Elizabeth…

Before you leave because you’re so grossed out with me, I want to deliver the point I’m trying to make.

Think of the classic tale: the knight comes galloping in on his white horse to slay the dragon and win the hand of the princess. Got that picture in your mind? Okay, now contrast with today’s vision of love. (Picture any of the latest and greatest romance novels/movies, and you’ll know what I mean.)

What happened to love?!?!?!?!

Where did we get from the knight being willing to look death in the face and say that the princess is still worth it, to “hey he’s cute I think I’m in love”? What happened?!

What it is that I love about the characters I do is that they’re loyal. They’re devoted, dedicated. They’re willing to go through any and every trial because they’re willing to fight for the princess. Yes, they have their flaws. They’re not perfect. (And with the examples above, I totally see all their flaws and don’t excuse that. The heroines aren’t exactly perfectly moral, either. Just go with it for the sake of examples…)

But they’re not willing to give up just because it’s hard. They’re willing to lay down their life for the one that they love.

So, here’s where I begin my application.

Was I the only one who never really understood the whole “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” bit? I mean, yeah, He loves me… cool. But the whole lover-analogy, just, didn’t click. Until you start to analyze what we know as human love.

The traits I admire in the heroes of the story, the loyalty, the dedication, the selflessness, the all-consuming love – is found in Christ Jesus.

Does that sound weird at all? It still sounds weird even to me, just typing it out. But it’s true. And that would make us all a good deal happier if we could simply embrace it in our hearts.

We say “God is love”, but the word are hollow even in our own ears. God’s love is something that we read about in the Bible, but never really applies to us like we would wish for. We say that “He is enough”, but we’re not satisfied with Him. We keep searching and searching for something that will fill that need for true love in our hearts.

But apart from Him, we will never find something that will last.

On the contrary, we can love only because He has loved us. (1 John 4:19) Our idea of love has to come from somewhere… But for whatever reason, we reject it.

This should be eye-opening to us. God has His arms out wide, with so much love to lavish on us, waiting for us to run to Him and embrace it. And we turn our face away and curl up in our misery. And stay there. WHY?!?!?!?!?!

I know I’ve harped on His love for us more than ever before these past few months or so, but it’s something that we take for granted and don’t completely understand. (Not that we can ever fully understand God’s love… isn’t that so wonderful?!?!!!!)

People, you have to get it – God’s love isn’t dependent on how deserving I am of it. I guarantee you that the princess isn’t always worth the knight’s being scalded by the dragon. And yet, Christ, our Prince, is willing to face death itself, for me. He died for me. He slew the dragon, conquered death, and rescued me from the dungeon of sin and death.

He died to make me His bride, His princess. Now, I’ve not really been too keen on thinking myself to be one of those princess-y girls, but somehow this holds a different appeal. And it’s funny, because after I wrote this earlier this morning, I went to church, and the youth pastor talked about who we are in Christ. He talked about how Christ is our King, and that makes us technically princes and princesses. Maybe this would hold more meaning if those of you readers living in the States lived in a different country with a different legal system, but for now, try to picture what this really means in your minds, outside of old-fashioned illustrations.

I don’t know about you, but this excites me. You see, I know for a fact that I am not worth death. I am not worth slaying the dragon. I’m not worth going through hell for.

But Jesus thinks I am.

And that makes me happy. It should make you happy, too. Jesus thought you, with all of your flaws and imperfections, with all of your sins and scars, were worth dying for. I know it’s hard to believe, but once you grasp it, it’s so, so wonderful. He doesn’t see the things you see – He sees His child, His bride, His beloved.

Your Prince thinks you’re worth it to slay the dragon.


2 Replies to “A Prince to Love You”

  1. Very good post Lauren. I think all to often we forget that love isn’t just some shallow emotion or fluttery feeling, its a deep part of our heart that would be willing to do anything for the other person. Thanks for sharing. =)


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