Child of the King

Can you imagine a life where rags to riches wasn’t a fantasy, but a reality? Peasants were turned to princes, ruin to royalty, nobodies and lowdown cheaters and liars were scrubbed clean and given a worthy label. Life was restored in the eyes of the dying, and the broken were healed. Can you imagine a world where this happened in a flash, at the sudden falling of chains and a cry of freedom? Where each day brought a new soul release and life?

I know of such a kingdom that exists. It is full of souls that used to be the lowdown cheaters and liars, the peasants, the broken and dying people.

I am a part of this kingdom of life and freedom; it breaks the chains of the slaves and enriches the hearts of the poor in spirit.  This dream, this fantasy – it is a reality.

All that requires is acceptance. It’s at the tip of your fingers, spelled out for you plain as day in the Book you might have on your desk in front of you.

But I know the struggle you face, the battle that’s raging in your mind.

You can’t accept this – this truth doesn’t apply for you. Your sins would scare the pastor from his pulpit, send the elders chasing you out of the church, right? Your secrets are enough to earn you eternal damnation, and you know it. No, this truth is better left for those who are actually deserving of such a sweet bliss.

But I have good news for you. This truth does apply for you – in fact, it was made just for you. See, the King knew your sins, before you ever did, and He knew the punishment that would bring for you.

He saw the liar that you were, covered in filth from head to toe, the way that your heart was hard and blackened against Him. He knew your secrets, your dark past, the thoughts that went through your mind by the minute. He saw the good-for-nothing beggar you were.

But beneath that, He saw you as His beloved child, His precious heir.

There was the matter of your punishment to be taken care of. You had broken His laws, and justice was in order. He had to let that punishment be resolved, because He is a just King. Death had to take place for what you did.

However. He didn’t want that death to be over your head, separating you from Him forever. He overflowed with love for you, so much so that He sacrificed His only Son, His beloved Son – for you. It was the only way to save you, to free you so He could hold you in His arms forever. The Prince of Glory had to die.

And so He did. He prayed that His Father would take the cup from Him, that He would spare Him this pain if possible. But the King knew that there was no other way; so He let His Son die.

Remember, this is all for you.

That isn’t the end of the story. The Prince of Glory rose again, conquering death itself. The price had been paid – you were freed! The death penalty no longer was held over your head. The debt was paid, regardless of how high the cost. Finally, you could be in His arms forever, in the arms of the One who loved you so, so much.

He looks at you, and He doesn’t see the stains of yesterday’s sin or the remnants of the sin from ten seconds ago. He doesn’t see the thoughts that will run through your head tomorrow, or the lie you’ll tell in just a minute. That’s all been paid for, removed, forgiven already.

And He wants you to believe it.

He doesn’t want you to keep living the life you have, running in the same circle, desperately trying to please Him and tearing yourself down with each failure. He wants you to see how much He, the King of Glory, loves you. He wants you to run into His arms, to let Him love you, and to be in awe at His amazing grace.

The King has made you, the little peasant, clean, with a worthy label, as His precious heir. You are forgiven and free, loved and cherished in His eyes.

This grace is not a dream or a fantasy – it is reality. I’m not making this up. It applies to you. You have gone from rags to riches, from a nobody to nobility.

You are a child of the King of Kings.


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