Hope in the Face of Death

I saw its face today.

It was dark, ugly, menacing; it threatened to take something I love away from me forever.

Death looked me in the eyes, asking me if I was ready to face it, if I was ready to give it a heart that I held close.

I said “No”.

I’m not ready to lose it. I’m not willing to give up that heart, to stand by idly and watch Death seize the heart.

I won’t do it.

But I can’t stop Death. I’m powerless, even though I hold the key to Life. I can’t keep Death away, no matter how hard I fight it.

The fight against Death feels hopeless sometimes. We watch it strangle those we love, playing its lethal game and taking prisoners the hearts we hold so dearly. We can fight it with all of our strength, until we collapse on the couch at the end of the day, tears streaming down our face, and we shake our fists at God for letting Death win.

But God didn’t let Death win.

He is the key to Life.

He is the promise of redemption and freedom, life and light. He won the battle in the end.

Death is *not* the end. It may feel like it. It may seem like it. The darkness cloaks Death so it hides the light of Life. But the light is still there.

I’m watching Death cradle the heart I hold so dear. The hardened, vulnerable heart I love. I can’t do anything else – I’ve fought Death with every weapon I have.

I can only fall on my face and beg God to release the heart from Death’s hands.

He is our hope in the face of Death. Whatever happens, God is the light of our salvation, our Life in death.

Death can win a battle. It has won many battles over the course of history. But Life has won the war, because our Lord is the King of Life. He is our hope in the face of Death.

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