Hidden Grace

It’s there in the sorrow of the final goodbye.

It’s there in the stillness of the water, the silence of the edge of brokenness.

It’s there in the darkest moment, when you’re screaming and on the verge of death.

It’s there in the face of the newborn, innocence and perfection in such a tiny bundle.

It’s there in the leap of your heart when she whispers that she loves you .

It’s there in the victory of successes and the lessons from defeat.

It’s there when all hope seems lost, and a light flickers in the distance.

It’s there at the burning edge of dawn, when the season of night is drawing to an end.

It’s there in the magnificent glory of a sunset, as the earth is bathed injaw dropping hues of orange and pink and the glory of God.

It’s there. It’s His hidden graces. His grace finds us even in the dead of night.

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