Greetings Blessings

Hello! I know, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. Yes, I am alive. Yes, I am still growing in my walk with Christ. I’ve been learning recently that God really does work through the deepest, darkest trials to form the deepest, strongest walk with Him.

I haven’t taken a look at my blessings in a while, so what better way to make a conscious effort to get back into the blogosphere than with counting and sharing some blessings!

  • A prolonged summer (*cross your fingers that this means less winter now…*)
  • Long walks in the cemetery
  • Growing
  • Special packages from friends (THANK YOU SISSYYYYYY)
  • Someone who will listen to things that don’t make sense
  • Moments of silence
  • A child’s giddy laughter
  • The feeling of fingers on a computer keyboard
  • Listening to a friend cry
  • Forgiveness and grace
  • Unconditional love
  • The fact that we can contemplate random things about the Bible
  • Random moments of the giggles epidemic
  • Cuddly kitties
  • Perfect music that says all the things that you wish you could say but can’t
  • Contentment and satisfaction

What are some ways that He’s blessed you?


4 Replies to “Greetings Blessings”

  1. Amen! I was challenged a bit back to pen my own Psalm 136…to recount my life’s experiences both “good and bad,” “easy and hard.” I keep adding to it, but here is a sample!

    God placed me in a godly home and saved me at the age of 5, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God spared my life as a young child when He allowed my mom to catch me before I fell over Hoover Dam, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God allowed me to sit and listen to countless hours of my dad directing choirs thus giving me a love of music, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God allowed my only sister to die of a brain tumor so I could watch my parents accept God’s will without complaint and see the fruit of souls saved as a result – God is good, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God has patiently chiseled away at the pride and selfishness in my heart all of my life, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God has graciously provided countless opportunities to praise Him in music knowing the joy of it that He put in my heart, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God removed me from a ministry I loved to grow my compassion and humility, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God allowed a selfish choice to put me in an embarrasing situation so I could experience people’s graciousness and be reminded of how my decisions need to be saturated with His thinking,for His mercy endureth forever .
    God has given me a full life with a fabulous family, for His mercy endureth forever.
    God has stricken my mom to a bed-ridden, not able to speak state in Nov 2016, for His mercy endureth forever.


  2. Love this, Lauren!
    I take it you like walking through cemeteries! I enjoy it too, but many of my friends call me weird because of it (one of the many reasons my friends think I am a little weird. Haha!).


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