About Me

Hello! If you clicked on this page, I’m assuming you wanted to know a little bit about the girl behind the blog. Brace yourself…

I’m 17, a homeschooler in my senior year, live in the rather cold (but beautiful) state of Pennsylvania, and am a born-and-bred Texan. I moved to PA in the summer of 2015, and let me just say that God has worked a ton in my life through that move. Before, during, and after, I’ve seen His hand at work, and He’s taught me through this trial about His grace, about friendship, about loving Him, and a ton of other things you’ll find on this blog.

Missions, music, and ministry are my biggest passions. It’s been a dream of mine for several years to go to Africa and help the orphans there… I’m still praying for God to open some doors for the future! I’ve been able to use music to serve Him in different ways, and it’s been a blessing in my life (and I pray the life of others!). I love to do my best by the strength of God to minister to others – particularly teens dealing with deeper issues, and little kids. The trials God has given me have enabled me to better sympathize and help others my age dealing with these things.

I’m an introvert all the way, but I love talking to people online and having deeper discussions (or “theological ramblings”, as someone once told me), so if you want to drop a comment I’d be thrilled to have a conversation with you or answer any questions you might have!


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